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Marine Warranty Survey

Marine Claims Consultancy

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Flagship Nautical Inspection

Insurance Claims Adjustment

Oil, Petrochemiclas and Gas Inspection

Metal, Mineral & Scrap Inspection

Preshipment Inspection


Korea Surveyors and Adjusters Co., Ltd. (KOSAC) was founded by Capt. G.C. Song in 2003 and was manned with fully qualified experts who have served in the field of marine survey, cargo inspection, marine claim consultancy, services to P&I clubs, insurance claim adjustment as well as oil, petrochemicals & gas inspection and metal, mineral & scrap inspection.

All staff member of KOSAC has earned the respect and confidence of clients throughout domestic and overseas countries by providing their services with professionalism and experienced business practices.

Based on KOSAC's fundamental business philosophy of rapidity, efficiency & integrity developing to the independence, impartiality and reliability to each concerned parties, KOSAC is having won a good reputation as a leading surveying firm in Korea. We are ready to serve you whatever your business and wherever you are.


  • Marine Survey & Cargo Inspection

    Marine Survey & Cargo Inspection

    KOSAC is the firm of the experts for Marine Surveying and Cargo Inspections and always provide technical services as a treasure in the field of ;
    • On/Off-Hire Condition Survey
    • Draft Survey
    • Hull & Cargo Inspection
    • Hold & Hatch Survey (Ultrasound Test)
    • Pre-loading and Stowage Survey
    • Vessel Condition Survey
    • Pre-purchase Survey
    • Towing Approval
    • Vetting Survey for Refining Companies & Terminals
    • Cargo Damage Survey
  • Marine Warranty Survey

    Marine Warranty Survey

    KOSAC provides expert services of Marine Warranty Survey (MWS) for heavy lifts, project cargoes, oversized/ad-value cargoes acting on behalf of the underwriters, their assured, the related contractors or self-insured clients.
    • Technical Review on the Proposed Operations
    • Onshore, Floating & Offshore Handling Survey
    • Loading, Transportation Survey on/ex Ships or Cargo Barges
    • Stowage, Securing, Seafastening Survey
    • Towing Survey, Towage Approval
  • Marine Claims Consultancy

    Marine Claims Consultancy

    KOSAC is well versed Marine Claims and has expertise in Marine Claims Consultancy.
    • Hull & Machinery Damage
    • Cargo Damage
    • Collision & Grounding Incident
    • Loss Prevention and Mitigation
    • Handling of Stowage for Dry & Bulk Cargoes
    • Heavy Weather Claim
    • Fire & Explosion Investigation
    • Supervision of Repairs Afloat & Dry Dock
    • Pollution Incident Investigation
    • Personnel Injury Claim
    • Oil Pollution Survey
    • Wreck Removal & Salvage
    • Ship's Safety & Stability Survey
  • Services to P&I Clubs

    Services to P&I Clubs

    KOSAC provides high quality services to P & I Clubs in various P&I surveys and matters including the followings.
    • Collision Claims
    • Fixed and Floating Object Claims
    • Crew Claims
    • Third Party Injury Claims
    • Wreck Removal
    • Fines and Confiscation
    • Cargo Claims
    • General Average
    • Salvage
    • Pollution
  • Flagship Nautical Inspection

    Flagship Nautical Inspection

    KOSAC provides Nautical Inspection services acting on behalf of the flag states such as Marshall Islands in accordance with the maritime laws & regulations.
    • Safety (initial/annual/special) Inspection
    • Ship Registration Closings
  • Insurance Claims Adjustment

    Insurance Claims Adjustment

    KOSAC provides high quality services to Insurances Companies and Ship Owners to protect client's interest by technical and successful handling of the Claims.
    • Marine and Air Cargo Damage Survey for Insurance Coverage
    • Investigation of Cause of Damage, Extent of Loss & Salvage
    • Loss Assessment & Adjustment
  • Oil, Petrochemicals & Gas Inspection

    Oil, Petrochemicals & Gas Inspection

    KOSAC specializes inOil and Petrochemicals trading terms, Loss Prevention and Qualities and provides expert advices for your trading guidelines.
    • Loading & Discharging Supervision
    • Quantity & Quality Evaluation
    • Loss Prevention & Cargo Shortage Analysis
    • Sampling & Analysis
    • Expedite Survey
    • Expert Witness Analysis
    • Tank Cleaning & Inspection
    • Consultancy for Quality Dispute/Contamination
  • Metal, Mineral & Scrap Inspection

    Metal, Mineral & Scrap Inspection

    KOSAC provides expert services and advices in the field of Metal, Marine & Scrap Inspection in accordance with the recognized standards.
    • Cargo Inspection & Outturn Condition Survey
    • Draft Survey
    • Sampling & Analysis
    • Hazardous Material Survey
    • Impurity Survey
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection

    Pre-Shipment Inspection

    KOSAC is carrying out Pre-Shipment Inspection to ensure your contractual specification and trading requirement of the letter of credit in the whole country of Korea.
    • Cargo Condition and Quantity & Quality Inspection
    • Packing & Marking Inspection
    • On-Site Inspection
    • Supervision of Container Stuffing & Sealing
    • Loading Supervision




Head Office Korea Surveyors & Adjusters Co., Ltd. (KOSAC)
Address : Rm 1311, Woolim Lion's Valley II , 2, 
Gasan Digital 1-Ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (08591)
서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 2, 1311호 (가산동,우림라이온스밸리2차) (우08591)
Tel. +82-2-857-2456 Fax. +82-2-857-2458
E-mail : kosac@kosac.co.kr
Primary contact through head office for all inquiries of survey.

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Capt. G. C. Song, President / Principal Surveyor
E-mail) gcsong@kosac.co.kr
AOH Mobile) +82-10-3353-7769

Marine Division

Capt. I. H. Chang, Managing Director / Chief Surveyor
E-mail) ihchang@kosac.co.kr
AOH Mobile) +82-10-5245-3782
Capt. O. C. Moon, Managing Director / Chief Surveyor
E-mail) ocmoon@kosac.co.kr
AOH Mobile) +82-10-3217-5745
Capt. J. J. Kim, General Manager / Senior Surveyor
E-mail) jjkim@kosac.co.kr
AOH Mobile) +82-10-6650-0660

Oil & Petrochemical Division

Mr. J. H. Ji, General Manager / Senior Surveyor
E-mail) jhji@kosac.co.kr
AOH Mobile) +82-10-4570-1491
Mr. Y. J. Lee, General Manager / Senior Surveyor
E-mail) yjlee@kosac.co.kr
AOH Mobile) +82-10-3833-9240


Mr. B. G. Yoon, General Manager
E-mail) bgyoon@kosac.co.kr
Tel) +82-2-857-2456
Ms. B. K. Kim, Manager
E-mail) bkkim@kosac.co.kr
Tel) +82-2-857-2456
Standard Conditions
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